Penny Princess

The Penny Princesses roll is to guide children to the path of financial responsibility.  She helps them see and feel the results of their actions when they are able to fight off the temptations presented by the Debt Master.  She helps them understand that being  financially responsible is more than saving and making money.  It is working as a team for an outcome that works for everyone. She teaches them that even those who try to temp us to take the wrong path, need not be criticized and sometimes they need a little help to take the right path too.  

She is the good voice in your head, your conscience.  This tiny, hip princess helps kids find the right answers and teaches values - money related and not. She appears whenever there is some question about the right thing to do. She guides the children without telling them what to do.  The Debt Master often appears in an attempt to sway them to choose the path of instant gratification. She allows The Debt Master to thwart himself.  He is so over the top that his actions, much like the Coyote in the cartoon, The Roadrunner, comes back to crush his plan. This is so very obvious, that The Penny Princess  actually tries to help him whenever she can. The Penny Princess is strong and un-waivered by the temptation to give in to instant gratification.