Kiss My Assets


  • Work sheets to help you itemize what you spend in order to develop a budget
  • Net Worth work sheet


  • Money is no different than anything else you encounter in life.  There are skills that need to be learned and some of them may only be learned by experience.


  • Please go to our resource page for videos and calculators and other information tips on personal money management
  • “If I only knew”  This section highlights the little things in life that if you knew them ahead of time, would save you money and aggravation
  • Other Peoples Mistakes – learning is often a result of making mistakes but why not let other people share their mistakes so you can learn from them.


  • Married or Buried for less
  • Horror of Debt
  • Home Buying 101
  • Credit wrecking Ball
  • Living Beneath your means
  • Budget or go Bust

Financial File Cabinet

  • An easy way to be sure you have all the financial papers you need at your fingertips and if not how to acquire them

Estate Papers

  • Will
  • Living Will
  • Health Care Surrogate  
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living Trust

Insurance Papers

  • Life
  • Health
  • Long Term Care
  • Homeowners
  • Car/Vehicles  


  • Property A
  • Property B
  • Property C


  • Vechilce title copies


  • Two years of returns

Pension Information

  • Social Security statements and log in
  • Work Pensions Plans
    • 401K
    • 403B
    • 457
    • Defined Benefit
  • Personal Pensions
    • IRA
    • Roth IRA

Investment Statements

  • Brokerage Account A
  • Brokerage Account B
  • Brokerage Account C
  • Bank Accounts
  • Bank CD’s