Debt Master

The Debt Masters roll is to help children identify irresponsible financial behavior, in a humorous way. He is designed to make the wrong path easily recognizable,  see how ridiculous it is and look to the Penny Princess for the path of responsibility. He also magnifies the results of irresponsible actions in a way that children can understand and put into the context of their actions and their lives.

He is the bad voice in your head, your anti-conscious.  This mischievous troublemaker is always trying to get the children to do the wrong thing.  He comes equipped with all kinds of tricks and devises to convince the children, that his way is the right way.  He uses instant gratification to make it difficult for a child to choose the right path.  There is never any half-way with The Debt Master, it is spend all your money, nag your parents for more,  whine until you get what you want and your immediate wants should always come before helping the family, saving or sharing.  He loves the Penny Princess even though he acts like she is boring and not any fun.  He knows she will always be there to help him.