About The Lemonade Stand

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Our Mission

The goal of “The Lemonade Stand™” is to teach children good money values in an entertaining, exciting format… and help parents find realistic, easy ways to answer kids’ money-related questions.

The Need

Our educational team believes children need to learn at an early age about the fundamentals of money. We believe children who learn positive money behaviors like saving, patience, planning and teamwork are less likely to make costly financial mistakes as adults.

This is supported by a recent study conducted by the National Council on Economic Education. It reported an overwhelming need in the U.S. for both the young and old to better understand personal finance and basic economics. This research found most children are not taught basic money concepts or economics until high school. This does little to help parents trying to explain to a young child why they can’t afford to buy designer clothes or expensive new toys.

Our Company History

“The Lemonade Stand™” project began in the Fall of 1998. It is produced by Financial Fruitcakes, Inc., located in Naples, Florida, and has aired in many television markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and Minneapolis.

Behind the Scenes

Dawn Litchfield, Founder
A Financial Planner & Educator with 22+ years experience

Raelyn Barlow, Co-Creator and Producer
An award-winning TV and Video Producer/Writer with 20+ years of experience

Larry Lancit & Cecily Truett, Educational TV Experts
Producers best known for their Emmy™ Award winning program “Reading Rainbow”

Jeffrey Scott, Writer
Best known for his Emmy™ award winning PBS show “Dragon Tales”