About Us

The Company

  • Founded in 1998
  • Raised $1-million + dollars
  • Nationally Syndicated - “The Lemonade Stand” (TLS)
  • Financial FUNdamentals Inc. in 2000, created a Foundation

The Need

We are a nation at high risk, financially, as a result of:

  • Failure of our society to imbue the fundamentals of “Good Money Management,” has resulted in high debt
  • Focus for too long has been on the ‘now.’  Therefore, our children have not focused on practicing “Good Money Values” and skills for the future – resulting in a ‘have it now’ mentality and fraud
  • Succeeding in every day business by instilling the proper foundation has been overshadowed by fast money and record bankruptcies
  • Formal curriculum of financial literacy in schools does not exist

The Team


Raelyn Barlow, President

Jamie Thompson, Secretary/Treasurer

Mary Ann (Mana) Holtz, PH.D.
College Aministrator & Teacher (Retired)

A. Scott Logan, JD, LLM, CFP
Financial Partner

Maxine Barrat (Carter)
NBC's "Maxine Meets" (Retired)


Larry Lancit
"Reading Rainbow" Exec. Producer
Children's TV Consultant

Cecily Truett
"Reading Rainbow" Exec. Producer
Children's TV Consultant

Dawn Perniciaro Brown, President
Naples Money Managers
Fiancial Planner

Richard Rappaport, Esq.
Adorno & Zeder, P.A.
Entertainment Attorney

Robert Seigal, President
Lone Wolf Media, Inc.
Media Consultant

Lynne Ganek
Education & Technology Consultant